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• 11/27/2017

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• 5/4/2016

Can't pass level 180

Any help for level 180
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• 11/7/2015

Is clams from the pearl level considered as an additional colour?

I'll have been considering about this for long time ago. I am currently not sure if we should consider it as an additional colour or not. According to the infobox, the clam is not included as a colour, but categories does. Just now, User:DoCheonGong have added Level 109 as a 4-coloured level, when the level itself is a pearl level and there's 4 soap colours. So this is how the clam from the pearl level works. As always, the clams will spawn on pearl level. You have to match 3 closed clams to produce one open clam, or it can be opened by bottles. To collect pearls, you have to match 3 open clams or by using a bottle. In this situation, the clam is kind of matchable element in the game, pretty much like the soaps. So do you think we should consider this as an additional colour?
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• 9/15/2015

For Administrators

Just to let you know I went to every profile page of every administrator and protect all of them to prevent vandalism
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• 9/9/2015

Scrubby Dubby Saga Fanon Wiki

There is a new wiki, The Scrubby Dubby Saga Fanon Wiki. Still need more contributors from here.
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• 9/9/2015

Breaking news

It seems that all free your friends and feed the jellyfish levels in Scrubby Dubby Saga got redesigned to another level type. To the administrators, please help me out by moving the past version to the past version page, and rename the file from "Level x.png" to "Level x 1st.png". Thank you for your helps.
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• 9/9/2015

Chat bot

Do we need a chat bot to monitor chat because lately bad users come to chat often?
My suggestions use:

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• 9/6/2015

New admins and reform the old ones?

Should I promote these two users admin rights

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User:Fzs1904 * To show your stance, please mark {{Support}}, {{Neutral}} or {{Oppose}}.
Should inactive admins get demoted immediately
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