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Foam level is one of the four level types in Scrubby Dubby Saga. This level type's icon is pink with some foam and some bubble. Foam levels first appear in Soaphara Desert, the first episode and the first foam level is level 16.

See the full list of foam levels here.


To pass foam levels, the player has to remove all the foams on the board. The foam is purple-coloured in appearance, and can only be broken if a soap on the square with foam is removed. Once all the foam on the entire board is removed, the player completes the level.

In level 26, double foams are introduced unofficially, and the official release in level 44. These foams are light blue and more cloudy in appearance and take two hits to be destroyed. In level 55, triple foams are introduced unofficially. These foams are white and much more cloudy in appearance and take three hits to be destroyed.


Foam levels are considered easier than pearl levels, but overall harder than collection levels.

At higher levels, foams can have more layers. Luckily, triple foams are the most amount of foams you have to clear in 1 square. However, levels with three-layered box require 6 hits to clear 1 block of foam.

The biggest issue when dealing with foam levels is that you have to destroy the soap on top of the square. This can be easy to say that and for King to design that but it is, in fact, the most difficult task in the game. At times, it is hard to find a regular soap match in the corners, especially on the bottom.

Certainly, there are plenty of foam levels designed so that a normal soap match does not solve the problem and only a certain power-up will hit the square.

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