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Free your friends level is one of the four level types in Scrubby Dubby Saga. This level type's icon is a green button with three clip art styled people. It first appears in the first episode, Soaphara Desert, and the first free your friends level is level 9.


To pass levels with this type, the player has to free a given number of friends within a certain number of moves.

Freeing a friend means freeing him in any way possible. Friends pop up randomly on the board and do not move until the necessary hits have been made.


Friends need a precise match in the same color or a shot with a bottle. It's usually difficult to use the same color as the friend. Overall these levels are a bit harder than collection levels.


  • The level icon used to be stated with a white alligator head on the center.
  • The friends in this level type have his/her friends or Facebook friends' avatar depending on the login-ed website. If there is no connection, the default avatar may show the friends' avatar.
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