One-layered Steel Plate

Destroy steel plates by matching neighbouring soaps.

—Tutorial text

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Steel plate is a blocker in Scrubby Dubby Saga. This blocker is very easy to destroy. It is introduced in the first episode, Soaphara Desert, level 7.


Steel plate is a stationary blocker that occupies one space. It can be broken by making a match adjacent to it, or through any effect of bottles reaching the blocker. They are resistant to bottles. If a striped bottle's effect hits this blocker, it will take up a layer or get rid of the blocker but won't get rid of any other soaps beyond it. Foam can hide under the blocker.


One-layered Steel Plate

New appearance

New appearanceEdit

It looks like a steel plate in a square shape that has four screws at the corner.

Old appearanceEdit

Sandcastle 1

Old appearance

Before Sweet Dreams Oasis was released, it looked like a castle in a square shape that was made by sand.

First appearance Latest appearance
Level 1 Level 557

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