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Pearl level is one of the five level types in Scrubby Dubby Saga. This level type's icon is a white clam on a purple button. Pearl levels first appear in Jammin' Jungle, the third episode, at level 41.

See the full list of pearl levels here.


To pass a pearl level, the player must collect a designated number of pearls. The level may begin with closed clams, opened clams with the pearls visible, or a mix. To collect pearls, match three or more opened clams. To open clams, match three closed clams or use bottles near them. But note: Matching three closed clams will generate only one pearl. Matching four will generate a pearl and a bottle. However, using a bottle rather than a match will turn all of the closed clams into pearls. Therefore, a key strategy to success is to use bottles to open clams and to reserve matching moves for opened clams.


The player must use at least two moves to collect most pearls: one to open the clam and one to collect the pearl. 

Also, the clams in pearl levels limit the space available to create power-ups and cascades. The clams may be locked under nets, making collecting the pearls even harder.


  • The former level icon had four purple stripes on the clam instead of three, and the bottom of the shell was larger.
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